I’m very privileged to have been tagged by the lovely Laurence, so I will share with you the answer to this burning question: How did I get started on screenwriting?

I’ve loved writing since I was a child. I used to utilise my “news” exercise book to tell colourful stories about finding crocodiles on the beach and robbers invading our house. I wrote my first novel as a pre-teen and it was shamefully All About Me – and my friends and crush and love rival.

Somewhat hilariously, said crush and I became good friends and he is known on this blog affectionately as my director. I was peripherally involved in To Swim With Angels, which was a best-forgotten first foray into the film world, where my main role was peacemaker and herder of extras.

I was also on the sidelines during the development of Zomblies, including a memorable script draft where I demanded an increase in female ass-kickery, as is my wont.

This is when I really caught the bug. The immediacy of film and the colour of it – the lack of long descriptive passages about the flaxen gold of your heroine’s hair and the concentration of juicy juicy plot.

So, I started planning a draft of Steampunk Assassins – which, at the time, was just Victorian Assassins. However, it sucked and I couldn’t seem to drag it out of suck. I went back to trying to write a novel.

Then, earlier this year, fuelled by the completion of Zomblies, I picked it up again. And suddenly, it all just clicked. The pages flowed, the draft came together, and I grinned to myself like a loon. Also, like Laurence, the Red Planet Prize caught my eye and so I started work on a TV pilot (known on this blog as ‘Military Monster’).

And there’s your story so far. The day job still pays my bills and that’s not going to change any time soon, but I’m chip-chip-chipping away. Just got to keep writing and see where it takes me.

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