I have successfully moved across Wales – go me! New job officially gets going next week, and while it’s going to seriously cut into my writing time, it also pays pretty well.

Still, like all amateurs, one day I dream of going pro. However, I take Michelle Lipton’s caution that it might not all be hearts and roses when I get there.

I signed up to The Bitter Script Reader’s collaborative writing project. I think the last time I did something like this was at a sleepover when I was a teenager and we were trying to plan a rom-com-esque date for two oddly-named characters on a concertina piece of paper. I’m the third writer in Team Chynna, so I should receive my portion of the assignment mid-late August.

In another piece of nostalgia, I completely agree with Laurence’s ravings about Sherlock. I want to be that writer.

I’m going to pick up some of my old projects now that the Red Planet Prize is out of the way, so I’ll be talking more about Steampunk Assassins again and Overambitious Island. Until then, I’m going to enjoy being an amateur surrounded by great bloggers and brilliant television.

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