I’m in rewrite Hell. I hate every damn word of my script and I want to throw it in a fire. Scratch that – I’ll rake it over glowing embers so that it suffers more.

Meanwhile, I decided to populate my brain with good writing. This involved going to the cinema to watch Inception and catching up with Sherlock on iPlayer.

And, well, damn.

First, a confession: Christopher Nolan does not rev my motor. He did pretty much nothing for me with the Batman franchise, because I like my Bats with a little less brooding and a lot more sidekick.

However, Inception was beautiful, twisty and really frickin’ weird, with pitch-perfect dialogue and character building. I have not seen a film that good in a very long time.

And then there was Sherlock. Obviously, I caught the high-budget period version, which I frankly adored, but this was something else. It captured the spirit of the original brilliantly and yet modernised it with a delicate touch which meant nothing was lost and every virtue of the present was gained.

Christopher Nolan and Steven Moffat, I salute you and I want your minds. Please post them to me asap.

And then I can finish this damn script.

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