Just finished the read-through. After a few technical hitches (Skype can really suck sometimes), I watched a group of four read my script aloud, taking on the main characters and grappling with the supporting cast.

I could not stop grinning. It really came to life for me when they read it, and they brought perspective to the characters that I hadn’t even begun to realise existed. Towards the end, I could sense their engagement, as eager as I was to see it through to the end. This pleases me beyond words.

Also, the feedback they gave at the end was invaluable. The perspective on their roles and how they interacted with the other characters, as well as their thoughts on the series potential and further character development, really brought home my love for the craft and reignited the fire to spit out another two, three, four drafts in the next week.

And I am not coming down from this high any time soon.

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