I’m a fan of the BBC.

I enjoy the principle that you pay up front and receive a rich bounty of content delivered to your door. For less than 40p per day. PER HOUSEHOLD. That’s insane. For that, you get an international news website, with full sporting and political coverage. Also, food and drink, hobbycraft, children’s entertainment, and, oh, commercial-quality video games.

And that’s just the website.

Today, Michelle Lipton posted BBC drama stats (garnered from the WGGB/BBC podcasts). They provide a fascinating look at the scale of the BBC, and how much we creators bombard them with submissions!

But this line in particular caught my eye:

“At the moment there are 194 men and 136 women writing across CDS, series and serials”

That would be 59% men and 41% women.

I think it only fair, at this point, to give a comparison. According to UK Labour Force Survey (2009), employed women make up:

36% managers;
43% professionals;
79% administrative and secretarial staff;
8% skilled tradespeople, and:
84% personal service staff (including nurses and childminders)

And Hollywood? 8% of screenwriters.

I’m a fan of the BBC.

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