So, while draft three is with my editor, I’m eyeing up the looming Red Planet Prize deadline with dread. There are plenty of people with professional screenwriting credits going for this thing. People with talent and creative networks and Scribosphere contacts.

And then there’s me.

Therefore, I’ve decided to attempt what any smart screenwriter would: a read-through.

Get a bunch of people in a room who can read. Give them your script. Ask them nicely to read it – aloud, in character. Listen. Listen good. Receive feedback. Watch the whole thing back and wince repeatedly at how stupid your character voices sound. Redraft. Lather, rinse, repeat.

I’ve mobilised my director, who decided that our little gang of film people weren’t enough and has started hitting up the local acting talent.

This scares me a little bit.

It’s fine giving my script to my friends, who know me and will coach their criticism in terms of “it’s okay, sweetie, we’ll get through this”. These are people I don’t know at all. People who will just have at it. People who have read professional scripts and might actually expect this thing to be GOOD.

I may be freaking out right now.

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