Thanks to two train journeys, my first draft of the Military Monster pilot was completed and, after feedback and a bit of hack ‘n’ slash, draft two is back with my editor. The pressures of the deadline!

Last week, Danny Stack, screenwriter and co-creator of the Red Planet Prize, posted a few more tidbits of info. This included highlighting the need for a “short synopsis”, which may be for the episode or the series – “whatever you think best sells the idea/script/show”.

And I haven’t the first idea how to write such a thing.

In my head, I know the theme of the first season, the general character development and the bad guy(s). I’ve also jotted down some notes to myself, including potential directions for Season 2 and 3 (because, hey, dream big, right?).

Yet, is that what’s required? Or does this synopsis require episode outlines? And, if so, how many episode outlines? Six, like Hustle, one of Red Planet’s shows? Or Thirteen, like Doctor Who and Torchwood, the most prominent British science fiction offerings?

Or should I just stick to the pilot? I know full well what happens in that, but does it really showcase what this show’s about? They’re stuck mostly in one location for the pilot and the protagonist doesn’t have much room to manoeuvre. The two Big Bads also take a sidestep for a Minor Bad, so does the pilot outline really hit the series’ potential?

Basically, I have absolutely no idea what to do and, until I do, I’m going to sit at my laptop with a flashing cursor, banging my head against the keyboard. Maybe that will produce an outline in a “monkeys and Shakespeare” kinda way.

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