Unsurprisingly, I have hatred for the Daily Express. This is largely because it hates me, so I think I’m allowed. Via Enemies of Reason, I found out about today’s headline:

Today’s headline reads: NOW ASYLUM IF YOU’RE GAY

With the adorable tag: They must be free to go to Kylie concerts and drink multi-coloured cocktails, said judge.

Putting aside whether I believe a court of law came out with such bigoted drivel, this is one of those things where the audience of hate is pretty wide. Gays and asylum seekers in one fell swoop – it’s a gift to the right.

My own mother, by most accounts a sensible woman, came out with this gem: but then they might all pretend to be gay so that they can stay here!

My life. The complete ignorance of that statement.

One, it’s not exactly massive numbers. Say 10% of the population is gay (a plucked-out figure) and then how many would be out in an environment like that? 1-2%? And then how many would be investigated and hounded and have to means and guts to flee their country and everything they know? Yeah, exactly.

Two, even if asylum seekers were to wish to pretend homosexuality, the ostracism they would face from their communities, even in exile, would be tremendous. You lose both your culture and your sense of identity.

You’d think that people would be happier that we’re not letting people be flogged and executed in the 21st century, but then this is the same group of people who believe in a reinstatement of capital punishment. Probably for the exact “crimes” described.

Damn, I need a drink.

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