I’m back from my holiday in sunny Italy – and it’s raining and overcast and generally homely, which is nice. I do like it when the weather puts on a homecoming parade.

However, this does mean I’ve been parted from my beloved laptop and my affair with Space Precinct for a week.

This would mean a kick in the nads for my Red Planet Prize screenplay were it not for the fact that I boarded a train today – and therefore knocked out twelve pages. What is it about trains that makes me so productive? I need to build my own railway just to do some work.

Projects are ticking over. Steampunk Assassins and Old!Robin Hood are with my director, poolside, and I’m musing over resurrecting a complicated novel with new people, culture and language that’s been simmering on the hard drive for a couple of years. We’ll call it Overambitious Island.

In other news, Ada Lovelace is my heroine, being a queer Christian is pretty cool, and Edgar Allan Poe is even more messed up in song.

Back to work!

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