I’m really struggling to make pages at the moment.

I think the 60-min TV format is confusing my brain. I’d just got my head around the 110-page movie format, with my BS2 in hand.

Also, most of my televisual input comes from the States. Or via Doctor Who, which is also 45m. (And was simply AMAZING tonight – the proof that a well-structured and carefully thought out season can really make a finale.)

Therefore, the sixty-minute piece of television has thrown me for a loop. I’ve gone with a three-act structure, because all television act structures seemed geared towards adverts, which is inappropriate for the Beeb. But I find myself flailing wildly at page 35, wondering where I’m going to dredge up another 25 pages from. I’m probably good to end at 45, tbh, and that’s because I’m so used to that length of television making sense.

Either I need to take in more one-hour dramas or I need to seriously rethink the middle of my screenplays.

Act Two, I am coming for you.

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