The blogosphere is driving me towards less whiny bitch and higher levels of productivity this past week, with three pieces of indispensable advice in as many days!

Firstly, my friend shared with me Seanan McGuire’s ‘Do Research’ (adapted from Mary Schmich’s ‘Wear Sunscreen’, popularised by Mr Baz Luhrmann).

Then, a list of fail by Phill Barron that proscribes against whinging on the internet, of which I am all in favour, and particularly for writers (ashamedly, like myself) who wait around for an opportunity to dance naked in front of them – and then ignore it anyway.

And, finally, a pithy piece of advice from Michael Goldenberg (forwarded by John August) – The protagonist is the character that suffers most.

So, I have taken from this these things three:
1) More suffering!
2) Stop complaining
3) Wear sunscreen Do Research

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