The name’s Brogan – Lieutenant Brogan.
For twenty years, I was with the NYPD.
Now…well, let’s just say that I’ve transferred to another precinct.

…and I screamed with delighted nostalgia.

As research for my Military Monster tv pilot, I decided to flick through the British sci fi archives and get a feel for the history. I already watch Doctor Who and Torchwood, and I love some Red Dwarf, but there was a whole world about which I knew nothing.

A quick search for British sci fi then turned up a show I did remember – SPACE PRECINCT.

It only ran for one season in the mid-Nineties, but who can resist cops-in-space? From Gerry Anderson? I didn’t think so.

I re-watched the pilot today and, well, it was bad. Terrible dialogue, obvious plot twists, some hollow acting, and a bit of preaching to boot. However, it was also brilliant and funny and all about the ensemble.

In short, it’s a great piece of inspiration and has given me a number of ideas for my pilot.

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