Now that the big work project is over, I have more time to work on my writing.

Wrong. What I actually need to do is pack up all my belongings for a move.

Wrong again. The bigger the task before me, the more I distract myself with writing. And it all gets done eventually, so it’s a win-win situation.

This morning, instead of piling books and old VHS into boxes, I wrote the series outline to go with my pilot. This may seem a little ambitious, given that the pilot is currently eight pages long and chances of it getting commissioned are slim-to-none.

However, I don’t think one can write a television pilot without knowing where the whole thing’s going. Does it have the legs for a season, let alone five seasons? What is the theme of the season and what arcs need to be set up in that very first episode?

Submissions to BBC Writersroom require a complete pilot script AND a brief series outline. This seems eminently sensible to me, which is why my series outline now has three seasons of potential plot and character development.

Whether that translates to a winning pilot is yet to be seen.

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