I’m at the chaos stage of editing.

It’s like tidying a room. There comes a point, where you’ve cleared your desk and emptied your drawers, that the room is twice as bad as it was before. That’s usually the point where I lose energy and collapse on the sofa.

At the moment, Act One has been half-heartedly sorted into piles and nudged at with a stick, whereas Act Three has been emptied on to the bed, ruthlessly whittled down into bin liners, and then left for dead.

My pet editor insists that my problems with Act Three really lie in Act One, so I might need to go back and make some effort with that part. However, my director thinks that the finale is too big and too staged, so I want to work on that.

A case of too many cooks, perhaps? All I know is that the room is currently uninhabitable.

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