So, I’ve decided to return to the screenplay.

I’m not sure what swayed me in the end, but the sense of something being so close to done and yet not quite ready irked me. I’ve started by actually translating it into script format – which, irritatingly, brings it out at 121 pages. All that scrabbling for pages was a complete waste of time.

Feedback I received on the first draft suggested a greater emphasis on the “action hero” persona and developing my supporting cast, though my woman are apparently strong. No surprises there. Also, a ruthless cutting of dialogue.

I love dialogue. It’s one of the reasons writing a screenplay appealed to me. All my favourite TV shows feature heavy doses of banter – The West Wing, Buffy, Castle, The Mentalist. Heavy on words.

However, “show not tell” and all that. We’ll see how this second overhaul goes down.

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