Why have I not posted a single word for almost a month? The reasons are myriad, but the essence is this: I am frightened and I am lost.

I finished the first draft of my screenplay and sent it to my friend. He read it and returned it with feedback. And then I wondered to myself: what am I going to do with it? And the answer was: nothing.

Because that is the step that stinks of failure. If one never reaches out, tries for publication or pitches to a studio, one can never fail. I can store a library of books on my hard drive and pretend I’m an author, but in reality, it is all completely meaningless if I’m unwilling to risk.

So, what did I do? I wrote down the plot for a new book.

It’s quite interesting – a young adult fantasy romp centred around the Post Office (trust me, it can be fun!). but, ultimately, it’s just more running away.

Also, I can’t work out how old my protagonist actually is. Which is a pretty major stumbling block, and the reason I have two opening scenes written which are both completely unworkable.

What happens now? Who knows, really.

Something. Definitely something. But, first, the confrontation of fear.

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