You may think that this scrabble for pages is a little, well, arbitrary. Why does a screenplay have to be 110 pages anyway? And the answer is, of course, that it doesn’t.

However, I am using the BS2 structure and, while the pages don’t have to number 110, they do have to be in proportion. And now, finally, the first half of my film is 55 pages long.

It also must be said that I’m not just throwing in things for the Hell of it. The scenes I’ve tackled tonight are the ones that have always felt not quite long enough, or ended too abruptly. Adding just a couple of lines of dialogue made the scene make sense for me, or left my dynamic duo with a reason for “sitting comfortably” instead of at each other’s throats.

I have six pages to fight for in Acts 2B and 3. Unfortunately, I have a couple of scenes that are short by necessity, and I can’t see them lengthening by a great deal. I may need an ally scene before my dramatic ‘All is Lost’ moment, so that the pacing fits.

I also abhor my last scene. The setting is flimsy, the dialogue awkward and clich├ęd, and it is barely half a minute of screentime. That’s not how films should end! Especially not films with assassins and explosions and epic steampunk/sword fights! This film dies with my heroes taking tea.

Which is fine. Nothing wrong with tea. I like to end all my adventures with a strong brew. But an explanation! A quip! Some hint that maybe-possibly it’s not quite all over, perhaps? Or that they’re about to launch into a new adventure?

I’m sure something will occur to me. Hopefully, in six pages.

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