1) Clock towers are evil

So, I thought to myself, you know what would be cool? Having your protagonists climb down through the ship’s clock tower (because all good ships have one of those) and reach the engine room, and their finale showdown, in style.

Cool, yes. Practicable, no.

Do I know what the inside of a clock looks like? Do I know how one three decks high works? Surely there’s a simpler way to get down it? And why would a trained nimble assassin drag a severely injured PI down three levels of death?

Good questions all. And yet I persist. Today’s open tabs are: UK Parliament Big Ben Tour, Pendulum Clock (wiki), Grandfather Clocks Manual, Longcase clock (wiki), Titanic specs, and Big Ben (wiki).

2) Backless dresses make for snotty noses

I have a terrible spring cold. It’s probably related to my immune system rebelling after I spent all night out partying in a skimpy outfit. Oops.

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