So, what happened?

It was simple, really. I lost time, I lost weekends, I lost interest in anything that wasn’t work or wedding-related.

And now I have yet another unfinished project.

The other major hiccup in my planning was my friend’s glowing review of Good Omens, a book about a bunch of supernaturals who are anti-Apocalypse. Ringing any bells?

This put a sword through the heart of my planning, particularly as Famine’s grandiose plans seems perfectly in line with my Famine, and now I need to seriously revise the text if I want to make it viable. Also, read Good Omens.

I keep wondering if I should try something shorter, or re-edit some of the unfinished manuscripts on my hard drive. I have two “complete” novels that need to be overhauled, several plots without a home, and another couple of stories that are about a fifth in and hanging. There’s also the lure of screeplays, of which two beg to be written – Victorian Assassins or Hospital Horror? Hmm.

In short, I’m at a loss. And my current plan of attack is…do nothing.

Not the best idea I’ve ever had.

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