You can’t take half a novel into Nano.

I understand the reason, and it’s a good one – Nano’s about a wild race to the finish, about tossing aside editing and caution, and just putting some words down to have words. Which is great. However, unless you’re amazingly productive, hitting even 50,000 in a month is a tough job. I’ve done it twice and it was incredibly difficult to fit a full-time life around this epic task.

So, if you want to write 100,000 words, what do you do? Maybe you try doing Nano over two months instead. Which did sound like a good idea in theory, but doing it without the support of your fellow caffeine junkies just isn’t quite the same.

Instead, I’m going for a Nano-style pace and irreverence, with the aim to have the whole thing clock in at 100,000 words before Christmas. So far, I have 10,000 words in MS Word and about another 5,000 words in a notebook from a train journey, and I’m going to try to grab 50,000 words during November, so…doable. Definitely doable.

Let’s talk novel. It’s about the Apocalypse, which is always fun, and more specifically, it’s about being in charge of the show in the 21st Century. It’s inspired by Pratchett and Gaimon, loves drama and angst, and really lends itself to epigrams.

This space is going to serve as a musing ground for this novel and some other projects that are kicking around, and will hopefully get updated more frequently than the old Livejournal ever did.

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