It’s easier to write if you know what your work sounds like.

From character voices to the escalation of violin strings as the blonde girl rounds the corner in the dark creepy house, sound is vital for scene-setting. So I like to have a soundtrack for everything I write, whether it’s a specific playlist that never fails to make me sad or a themed soundtrack for my novel’s genre.

Yesterday, I had one song on That Apocalypse Novel’s soundtrack – O Death by Jen Titus. Known as “that song from the Supernatural Season 5 trailer”, it’s hauntingly beautiful and captures the atmosphere of shady immortals doing dark deeds.

Today, while browsing TotalFilm’s 6 of the Best Film Homages in Music Videos (TotalFilm is like Wikipedia in that you start off with Monty Python and end up with Jared Leto – in this case, it only took two steps), I remembered my love affair with 30 Seconds to Mars.

The lyrics aren’t entirely relevant, but I love the mood it places me in (particularly this video) and I know ‘A Beautiful Lie’ well enough to write without being disturbed by listening to every detail of the tracks.

Whether this helps my progress has yet to be seen, but we can only hope.

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