The Anti-Stigma Thesaurus: Rewriting the Language of Mental Health

Despite how the nursery rhyme goes, words can hurt. They can also be used to reinforce mental health stigma, particularly in crime fiction. Words are powerful – and “with great power comes great responsibility”. The longevity and influence of words can be epitomised in that one quotation, first used centuries ago and popularised by a […]

Questions From My Editor

I’ve been fortunate to work with my excellent editor Deb Nemeth on three Amy Lane novels now. In the course of editing my work, she asks me a lot of questions. Some are to expand her knowledge of my characters’ world and some are to challenge me to grow as a writer. I’m going to […]

The Writer’s ADHD

I was a hyperactive child. My parents are very polite about it, but I suspect I was an absolute nightmare and the surviving video from that era bears out my suspicions. When I discovered reading, I calmed down and learned to channel my energy more creatively. However, I’m still easily influenced by orange juice or […]