Freudian Script: Work-Life Balance

Another junior doctors’ strike, another blog post from me! My theme, however, is one that is relevant to all professionals but particularly writers of all stripes. I am talking about the mythical work-life balance. What is work-life balance? This term is most commonly used when talking about the proportion of life spent on employment compared […]

The Road To Hard Work

The hardest thing about writing is “breaking in”. The main point I’m gathering from my reading on the subject is that it’s more like chip-chip-chipping at the door rather than fetching an axe – Shawshank over Shining. In that vein, some excellent comment on these issues from the British industry: Lucy V on how to […]

Along the byway

Of course, it’s the time of year for summaries and conclusions, personal achievement counting and reflection. I have finished Steampunk Assassins. By which I mean it’s with my beloved director and editor friends and I suppose there might be One Final Draft to complete. I have made a start on The Greenwich Problem for Laughing […]