Freudian Script: Work-Life Balance

Another junior doctors’ strike, another blog post from me! My theme, however, is one that is relevant to all professionals but particularly writers of all stripes. I am talking about the mythical work-life balance. What is work-life balance? This term is most commonly used when talking about the proportion of life spent on employment compared […]

5 Mental Health Truths from Inside Out

When I first heard about Disney Pixar’s new film Inside Out, I knew it would be a winner. What I wasn’t prepared for was how well it handles emotions, personality and their psychological underpinnings. Here’s five lessons about mental health you can take away from Inside Out and how they can help both writing complex […]

Freudian Script: Emotionally unstable personality disorder (EUPD)

Emotionally unstable personality disorder: balance, understanding and acceptance This week’s Freudian Script concentrates on a mental health problem that is not often in the public eye. As opposed to correcting stereotypes about this condition, I will instead look at what emotionally unstable personality is, common stigma problems, portrayals in fiction, and how writers can consider […]

Freudian Script: Gangs and Drugs

Gangs and drugs – in the eyes of the public, inextricably intertwined. But what is the impact of gang lifestyle on mental health? And how do alcohol and drugs fit the picture? What is a gang? My protagonist Jason often protests that he wasn’t in a gang. He ran with a group of lads who […]

Freudian Script: Bipolar Affective Disorder

Bipolar Affective Disorder: The Fight For The Middle Ground After the revelation that Robin Williams suffered with bipolar affective disorder, a rush of articles about creatives and mental health problems sprung up all over the shop. Last week – not for the first time – a young man sat in an assessment with me and […]

Freudian Script: Psychiatrist v Therapist

“I’m going to see a shrink for therapy” – what does that actually mean? Who are you going to see and for what? What is the difference between a psychiatrist, a psychologist and a therapist? Who would win in a Psychiatrist v Therapist fight? Freudian Script is going to demystify the difference between a psychiatrist […]

Sticks and Stones: Mental Health Stigma and Crime Fiction

Crime fiction is entertainment. Writers’ primary goal is to entertain. But what is the impact of the written word on the most vulnerable people in society? Does crime fiction contribute to mental health stigma? What is stigma? The term stigma refers to the negative stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination directed towards a group – in this […]

INTERVIEW: Lucy V Hay on Teen Mental Health and Jasmine’s Story

For this week’s Freudian Script, Lucy V Hay (aka the infamous script guru Bang2write) talks frankly about her struggles with her mental health as a teenager and how that contributed to the latest book in her THE DECISION series, JASMINE’S STORY. You drew on your personal experiences in THE DECISION: LIZZIE’S STORY to write about […]

Freudian Script: Agoraphobia

Agoraphobia: a mental health problem that everyone’s heard of and yet receives little attention in media or movies. In this week’s Freudian Script, we will explore the definition of agoraphobia, its connection to panic attacks and other mental health problems, notable examples and writing tips on how to portray agoraphobia sensitively and accurately. DISCLAIMER: This […]

Freudian Script: Stalking, Erotomania and Othello Syndrome

Stalking, Erotomania and Othello Syndrome – When Love Goes Wrong. Trigger Warning: This post contains discussion of stalking and sexual violence This week on Freudian Script, I am going to talk about two disorders beloved of crime fiction writers and close to every stalker’s heart. We’re going on a little tour of stalking because that’s […]