Freudian Script: Work-Life Balance

Another junior doctors’ strike, another blog post from me! My theme, however, is one that is relevant to all professionals but particularly writers of all stripes. I am talking about the mythical work-life balance. What is work-life balance? This term is most commonly used when talking about the proportion of life spent on employment compared […]

Why flatmates are disastrous and necessary to writing

I currently have three flatmates. We are all young women with the same day job (only I turn into a pumpkin in the evening). And they are a nightmare. They want to watch endless reruns of Friends. They tempt me into eating takeaway. One gossips constantly about celebrities. One simply cannot leave work at work. […]

The slow steps of a journey

I’m working evenings this week. Basically, this means I get to do mundane things during normal working hours – like go to the bank and pick up my prescription – and then work an eight-hour day at the end. Disruptions to my schedule tend to go badly for my writing routine. I know that I […]

Focus shift

Working nights completely flattens my creativity. I sleep, I eat, I go to work, repeat ad nauseum. I can’t wait to get back to daylight – and my muse.

Planning =/= Procrastination?

No, of course I didn’t stay up until one o’clock in the morning designing the laboratory layout for my Military Monster tv pilot using IKEA’s Design-A-Room software. That would just be silly.