Freudian Script Fortnight 25/04/17

A slightly delayed review of two weeks of mental health and disability in the news… “Survival of the fittest” is bullshit, pass it on "Survival of the fittest" is bullshit, pass it on. — Petya 🏳️‍🌈🇪🇺 (@twomiletower) April 13, 2017 As Petya points out later in the thread, the inverted commas are important here […]

Freudian Script Fortnight 10/04/17

What’s the buzz on mental health for the past two weeks? Let’s find out! “The Trauma of Facing Deportation” (The New Yorker) Photograph by Magnus Wennman for The New Yorker Sixty children in Sweden entered a coma-like state last year and no one knows why! Except we have a pretty good idea why – they […]

Freudian Script Fortnight 27/03/17

In which I look at mental health and disability stories over the past fortnight and commentate on them for writers and other interested parties. “This is Why People With Anxiety Are The Best People To Fall In Love With” not only is this terrible, oversimplified dating advice – it's a really harmful way of thinking […]

Freudian Script Fortnight: Mental Health In The News

In a new series called Freudian Script Fortnight, I will be looking at news items relevant to mental health and disability and commentating on them/snarking at them/throwing them in the sea. Mary Creagh MP is not “hysterical” The moment @MaryCreaghMP tells the Chancellor that referring to her as "hysterical" is sexism worthy of the @DailyMailUK […]