REVIEW: Pulling the trigger by Adam Shaw and Lauren Callaghan

Pulling the trigger: The Definitive Survival and Recovery Approach for OCD, Anxiety, Panic Attacks and Related Depression Adam Shaw spent his life running away from the terrifying thoughts which tormented him. This lifelong struggle with mental illness ultimately lead him to a railway bridge and the brink of suicide, and it was at that point […]

REVIEW: The Other Side of Silence – Linda Gask

As a psychiatrist, I walk a fine line of understanding. While I can try to empathise with the people I see in my clinics and on my ward, I cannot truly know their experiences. Sometimes that helps to give me the distance of objectivity, and sometimes it leaves me lacking. Linda Gask has a markedly […]

Crime Cymraeg: A Tour of Welsh Crime Fiction

Forget Nordic and Tartan Noir. From drug dealers in Cardiff to PIs in Aberystwyth, Crime Cymraeg is a broad church with something for everyone. Wales is curious mix of busy port cities, kooky university towns, coastal tourist traps and rural isolation. It has a thriving capital city next to some of the most deprived areas […]

CrimeFest 2014: Must-Have Books

CrimeFest 2014 rocked Bristol last weekend and I had a great time meeting crime writers, readers, reviewers, agents and publishing folk! In the first of my CrimeFest posts, I share the books that tempted me into buying at CrimeFest and why they are crime must-haves. The Axeman’s Jazz – Ray Celestin New Orleans, 1919. The […]

Writers’ Tools: Story Forge

I have been meaning to write this post for a long time, as evidenced by the fact that the first photo I took for it was while I was still planning my wedding and I’m been married almost seventeen months! Back in March 2012, I saw this cool Kickstarter project on my Twitter timeline (back […]

BOOK REVIEW: Rule Zero by Laurence Timms

As I’m currently wending my way down the road of traditional publishing, my appetite for books of all stripes grows voraciously. So when Laurence Timms told me about his new book RULE ZERO – a “darkly comic fantasy thriller” – it sounded right up my alley! It follows Harry Bacon, a shady man from the […]

10 Things About Les Miserables

[Here There Be Spoilers – You Have Been Warned] 1) New songs? New lyrics?! It wasn’t long enough for Hollywood? 2) Just give Anne Hathaway the Oscar now. GUH. 3) Speaking of which, I loved the close-up solos – particularly “On My Own” – and, surprisingly, the direct-to-camera stuff really worked. 4) I was pleasantly […]

Review: The Cabin in the Woods

*** This is a spoiler-free review. *** (The fact that I have to say that is ridiculous, but there we go.) I’m always wary about movies that everyone professes to love. Too much hype will kill you, and all that. I haven’t seen any trailers for this film. Didn’t see a cast list, didn’t read […]

2011 Top Eleven

Here are my eleven favouritest things from this year. They all come with my highest recommendation. X-Men [Colon] First Class Out of all the comic book movies released this year, this was undoubtedly my favourite and a good film in its own right. It takes two big characters with decades of history and brings them […]